Fix My Credit; How Do I Fix My Credit

Many people are throwing up their hands in frustration wondering how can I fix my credit? In these hard economic times, with job losses at record levels and businesses having to close their doors due to people spending less (because they’re flat out keeping a roof over their head and putting food on the table), it’s easy to get into trouble financially with credit cards and be late with mortgage payments.

Before we know it we have a couple of late payments on our credit report and our credit score is taking a nose dive. What to do? How to fix credit before it spirals out of control?

Well you’ll be happy to know there are a number of things you can start doing now in order to fix my credit score, and the sooner you start doing them the sooner your credit score will start climbing up again instead of spiralling down.

The number one thing you can do to fix your credit is to go through your credit report and get any errors off there. You’re entitled to a free credit report every year. That’s right; you don’t have to pay for them like some unscrupulous websites will have you believe. They won’t cost you a cent and you can order them through That’s a legit website that is sponsored by the three large credit bureaus; Equifax, TransUnion and Experian.

You could have errors on your credit report that are costing you points on your credit score. You could have inquiries on there that weren’t made by you; mistakes get made by data entry people; identity fraud is on the rise, so you should be making it a habit to check over your report at least once a year. It’s not going to cost you anything, and removing any inaccuracies off your credit report can bump up that credit score to a nice healthy figure.

The next thing you can do to fix your credit score is to start paying your bills on time. I know…you’re thinking ‘well I already knew that’….but are you DOING it? Look, the credit reporting agencies base over a third of your credit score on your payment history. That’s a big percentage based on just how well you pay your bills. It is easier said than done when times are tough, but if you are really serious about fixing your credit, you’ve got to do whatever you can to start getting those bills paid on time.
You might have to draw up a budget and STICK to it. Even if you have to eat beans for a week from time to time, do whatever it takes to get those bills paid by their due date. I have an article here on budgeting tips that can help you stick to this important practice. You can completely turn your credit problems around by starting to pay those bills on time. Over a period of time, once any late payments items come off your credit report, you will be rewarded with an increased credit score that will never be affected by a late payment item showing on your credit report again. Do what you can to make sure that no more late payments ever show up on your credit report again.

The third thing you can do if you are having problems paying your bills on time or with late payments is to get in touch with your creditors and explain your situation. So many people just couldn’t be bothered doing this, yet it can help take a lot of pressure off you if you can arrange to have your repayments lowered to a level you can afford and that will also keep the creditor happy and off your back.

If you take action and follow the ideas mentioned above you will be well on your way to fixing your credit. It won’t happen overnight but it will certainly start shifting things around for you, so you will never have to lament over the words ‘how can I fix my credit‘ again.

Credit Report Dispute Letter

credit report dispute letter can make or break your ability to get the loans you want at the best interest rates, or risk being declined as it can get inaccurate items that might be giving you a low credit score off your credit report. Find out how to write a credit report dispute letter designed to get errors removed from your credit report so you can get that loan you’re after.

You would have received your credit report from one of the big three credit agencies, either Equifax, Experian or Trans Union.

If after going over your credit report carefully you find what you think is an error – like a judgment still showing up after seven years or the statute of limitations for your state has elapsed, or a inquiry that you didn’t make – then you need to dispute it with the credit reporting agency you got the report from. Read more »

Online Credit Repair

Online Credit Repair

Online Credit Repair

Online credit repair services offer to help you fix your credit so you can get a higher credit score. The advantages of a higher credit score are many – approval for home loans, personal loans or credit cards, and being offered the lower interest rates on these. Your credit score can even have an influence on your applications for employment and rental accommodation.

There are plenty of online credit repair sites like this one with plenty of good information available, which makes it easy for you to do your own credit repair. Read more »

How to Fix Credit – 3 Methods on How to Fix Credit and Improve Your Credit Score.

This article on how to fix credit gives you 3 sure-fire ways to fix your credit so you can enjoy the benefits that brings – getting approved for future loans, getting better rates of interest on those, even boosting your chances of gaining employment in certain fields or renting a property.

Get a copy of your free credit report.

You can get a free copy of your credit report once a year from Some companies dupe you into thinking you have to pay for the privilege but that’s not the case at all, so don’t get taken in by those.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act guarantees your right to receive a free copy once a year, and you can apply to get all three at once (there are three main credit reporting agencies they get these from ) or get one at a time. The second tip in this how to fix credit article looks at disputing any errors you find is: Read more »

Judgments on Credit Report

We received a question regarding judgments on credit report that still show up after 10 years. Here is the question and our answer follows.

My husband and I are encouraged to start improving our credit after reading this! (the article “Removing Bad Payment History“) One question though, you said
“Bankruptcies and judgements can only be removed with the passage of time.”
What exactly is the “passage of time” length? I heard 7 years & then I heard 10 years for old accurate info. What can we do if the 10 years has passed but the judgment is still on the report?
Thanks again & I look forward to finding those answers to my questions

Judgments on Credit Report

According to the FTC regarding judgement on credit report, Read more »

How to Get Good Credit At 18

How to Get Good Credit at 18

How to Get Good Credit at 18

If you’re a young adult and are wondering how to get good credit at 18 you’ve come to the right place. There are a number of simple things you can do to get good credit and this article discusses the most important of these. Read more »

Erase Bad Credit – Is Filing Bankruptcy The Best Way?

To erase bad credit, chances are you have considered filing bankruptcy so you can start over with a clean slate. As tempting as this theory sounds, bankruptcy should be taken very seriously and should be considered a huge financial commitment. Like all financial decisions, using bankruptcy to erase bad credit has both negative and beneficial consequences. Read more »

Credit Card Debt Management – Uncover The Top 3 Secrets to Managing Credit Card Debt.

Credit Card Debt Management

Credit Card Debt Management

Credit card debt management is very doable. Discover the right way to manage your credit card debt and regain that feeling of being in control of your finances again.

1. Make a realistic budget you can stick to.

As soon as the word budget is mentioned a lot of folks cringe. They don’t realise that making and sticking to a realistic monthly budget is the first step towards successful credit card debt management and their future financial freedom.

There are plenty of websites out there that give you the basics to creating a budget so just do some searching and you’ll find something suitable.

It does take a bit of time to set up and a load of self discipline to stick to, but if your want to better manage your credit card debt and make those minimum monthly payments - and perhaps even create some extra money to make some additional payments  – the time and discipline you put in now will reward you with a much healthier financial future. Read more »

Can Loans Help With Fast Credit Repair?

The idea that a company would give a loan to someone who is struggling with bad debt seems crazy. The truth is there are many lenders you offer this specialized service and obtaining such a loan can lead to fast credit repair for anyone who may be approved.

Credit repair loans are a type of loan where the lender will consolidate all of their clients’ debt, such as credit card balances, lines of credit, student loans and even mortgages, together into one large loan. This allows for the individual searching for fast credit repair to deal with one singular monthly payment. For most people who are fighting to improve their credit rating, this approach is a lot more efficient and effective then making small, minimal payments every month.

This type of loan agreement can also rid an individual from other credit repair hardships such as high interest rates. However, it is important to remember that a credit repair loan is not a permanent solution.

If the borrower is not careful the combination of lower monthly payments and the increase in extra cash every month can lead to even more excessive spending, and the accumulation of more debt. If this happens, the individual will find themselves in a vicious repeating cycle, where they are not able to ever get ahead.

When approved for a credit repair loan, it is vital that with the loan comes dedication to live frugally and to avoid unnecessary spending. Fast credit repair is not easy to accomplish. It takes a lender who is willing and able to provide a consolidated loan and it also takes a daily effort of the part of the borrower.

If you feel that a credit repair loan may help you, take the time to shop around for the right financial guidance. With hard work and determination, a loan may be your first step toward fast credit repair.

Clean Credit Report – FAQ & Answers

Clean Credit Report

Clean Credit Report

A clean credit report is something we all strive for, however, many people find themselves completely confused when it comes to their credit score and credit report.

Many people do not know how to improve their credit and many others find themselves striving to reach a credit standing that is not necessary or possible.

The following are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning clean credit reports and scores. Read more »

Clean Bad Credit

Clean bad credit? It is very possible but can take time depending on what is on your credit report. It took time to build bad credit so it will take time to clean bad credit.

One of the first things you want to do to clean bad credit is find out what is on your credit report.

You can get a free copy from each of the main credit reporting agencies once per year, so get a copy so you can see what you are dealing with. Read more »

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